Applying For A Grant

The Canton Community Fund invites applications for grants to support projects that aim to sustain or improve the life of the community. The Fund has provided assistance in a wide variety of areas, among them historic preservation and awareness, community beautification, culture and the arts, education, recreation, human services, and programs for youth and senior citizens.


Not-for-profit organizations that are located in and serve residents of the Village or Town of Canton are eligible for grants from the Fund. (Individuals are not eligible.) Grant monies may be used to support the purposes outlined above through special projects, program start-ups, or capital items that are not part of normal maintenance. The Fund does not award grants to pay for the normal operations and activities of an organization or for projects that benefit only an organization’s own members, and it does not contribute to endowments or capital campaigns. Organizations that have received support in the past may apply again, though priority will ordinarily go to previously unfunded projects.

Size of Grants

The maximum award in most cases is $2000. No request is too small, though many, unfortunately, are too large. In the case of more costly projects, an organization might ask the Fund to be a partner in seeking additional support from other sources.

Application procedures

A written application must be submitted to Canton Community Fund board member Louis Tremaine, It should be in narrative format and explain the following: the purpose of the request; whom it will benefit, and how; the nature of the organization, if that is not obvious; how the project will be accomplished; the amount requested, and how that amount was determined. No application form or additional documentation is required, although an applicant might choose to submit additional materials and the Board might request further information in cases where clarification is needed.

Application and reporting deadlines

Applications are welcome at any time. Funding decisions are generally made at the May and November meetings of the Board. An organization that has received a grant is strongly encouraged to publicly acknowledge the Fund’s support however it sees fit, and will be asked to update the Board at an appropriate time on the progress or results of the project.